Andrew Tate And Tristan Entering Court January 10

2023 didn’t start in quite the way Andrew Tate expected, with the multi-millionaire reportedly due to fly back to Dubai, a city he intends on moving to full-time in the coming months.

Instead, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have seen the new year start in a Bucharest jail following their arrest in December 2022 on alleged human trafficking and organized crime charges.

The brothers are currently detained for 30 days following an extension of their original 24-hour detention. On January 10, Andrew, Tristan, and their two accomplices appealed at a Romanian court to be freed while the investigation is ongoing.

Andrew Tate and Tristan arrived at court to appeal their detainment

All four people suspected of running an organized human trafficking ring were transported to a Romanian court, and this was the first time that we have gotten a look at them since their arrest.

Tristan Tate looked to be in good spirits, waving at someone in the crowd who had gathered nearby to show support. While Andrew walked into court carrying his Islamic Quran after having recently converted to the religion.

After an appeal that lasted for most of the day, the judge ruled that all four must remain in jail for the full 30 days, citing that they could “leave Romania and settle in countries that do not allow extradition.”

Andrew and Tristan will remain in jail for 30 days

The detainment will be reviewed again after the 30 days, which should come to an end on January 30, 2023. However, with the brothers still posing the same flight risk that they do now unless the charges are dropped, it is likely that they will continue to be held in jail for the full 180 days.

Following the appeal being denied, the lawyer for the Tate brothers Eugene Vidineac told MailOnline:

“I’m very disappointed with the court decision. It seems excessive to me. I will speak with my clients in the morning and we will decide what the best way forward is but they will be as disappointed as me.

The court warrant means they will stay in custody the full 30-days until the end of January and then we will look again.

I will speak with my clients in the morning and we will decide what the best way forward is but they will be as disappointed as me.”

The appeal comes just days after it was reported that Andrew Tate had been hospitalized for an undisclosed medical issue.

Andrew Tate released a statement following their appeal being denied saying:

“Andrew and Tristan are disappointed in the decision; however, they remain confident that their truth will be heard. Andrew and Tristan vehemently deny all accusations made against them. They do not condone violence towards women or agree with any coercive behavior.

Social media is an extremely powerful tool in today’s society. The use of viral, satirical comments and videos across social media has led some of the public to believe fictitious allegations against the Tate brothers.

Social media has connected people worldwide at the touch of a button; however, it is important to remember that everything you see and read online should be taken with caution and more profound research. Andrew and Tristan are thankful for the monumental amount of online support they have received.”

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