Andrew Tate Tristan Exiting Police Van Statement

It has been one month since Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested for human trafficking allegations.

The Romanian authorities claimed that the brothers had been holding women against their will and forcing them to create content for Only Fans and their webcam business.

It now looks like the tide is turning as it becomes more apparent that the Romanian police have little to no evidence against the Tate brothers, despite extending the detention of the brothers to continue the search.

In recent days we have seen Andrew Tate and Tristan begin to make public statements as they enter and leave the DIICOT HQ as they help with the investigation.

In the first public statement, Tristan Tate claimed that “There is no evidence against me, The authorities are trying to steal my cars and my money,” while Andrew Tate said that “There’s no proof, I didn’t do anything wrong. Unfortunately, there is no justice in Romania.”

The Tate brothers have had their detention extended until the end of February, with the belief that they will be released at that time.

While the brothers have been incarcerated, their War Room and dozens of other public figures have been hard at work proving their innocent and have begun to be able to debunk a lot of the claims made conclusively.

Two of these figures are Sulaiman Ahmed, an investigative journalist, and Tam Khan, an elite MMA fighter who has pioneered the sport in UAE. It is also worth noting that Khan was seen next to Tate in the video where he announced his conversion to Islam in October 2022.

It has been confirmed in a recent Twitter Space that Sulaiman Ahmed and Tam Khan have conducted an interview with one of the yet-to-be-revealed alleged victims in the Andrew Tate human trafficking case.

The current belief is that there are six named victims in the case that DIICOT has claimed were held against their will at the Tate’s property and surrounding houses owned by the brothers, with the intention to create pornographic content to be sold online.

So far, at least two of the alleged victims have come forward publicly to claim that they are not victims and are not sure why they have been named as such.

Ahmed and Khan are set to interview another ‘victim’ with the intention of exposing the corruption and lies of the Romanian police.

As of right now, no release date for this interview has been given, but it will be posted to Tam Khan’s Twitter account.

Once it is posted, we will be covering the story and detailing any important information within it.

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