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The internet is a global marketplace; it has opened up countless opportunities for people to make money online from the comfort of their own homes. And if you’re not utilizing it as a tool to generate an income, you probably should.

But when it comes to where to start, it can be incredibly overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to building income on the internet, but it all follows the same basis.

This guide will explain the ONLY 3 steps you need to start making money online.

Learn a Monetizable skill for which there is a DEMAND

Having a specific skill that you can offer to others will make it easier for you to find paying work or create a service that people will want to buy.

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These can range from performing tasks in exchange for money or selling your knowledge to others so they can learn from you.

Examples of performing tasks in exchange for money could include blogging, copywriting, accounting, graphic design, web development, etc. While examples of selling knowledge could include e-books and courses.

These monetizable skills can be leveraged to create income.

Pick a niche – and MASTER it

Once your skill is learned, pick a niche you want to work in. It usually helps if you have some pre-existing knowledge, but it isn’t critical.

For example, it probably isn’t wise to go into the finance sector when you have no knowledge of the subject, it will be very easy for potential clients to figure out you don’t know what you’re talking about.

That isn’t to say you can’t switch niches later on, but starting out, it is best to stick to something you know.

Once your niche is chosen, do market research. Identify opportunities for growth in these particular fields.

  • What could this company do better?
  • Can I help them achieve this?

Send them an email about the opportunity you have identified, and tell them how you can benefit them.

For example, a writer may have identified that a brand is not using emotive language in its advertisements. Contact them. Explain how you will help them ensure their adverts are more emotive and persuasive.

Build an online platform to promote your skill,

Websites and Social Media accounts are vital for getting your name out there.

Interact with people in your niche/skill. Reach out to like-minded people; they will help you.

Growing your audience is the best way to find clients.

Then, once you become credible, you will have EXPERTISE, which you can monetize.